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As mentioned in my best-selling book The Longevity Equation, the discussion about assessing your biological age, its importance and how to reverse that process is presented. 
This consultation is intended to provide a brief snapshot of where you are Epigenetically. 

Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression that can be inherited, but do not alter the primary DNA sequence. 

Influencing factors can impact these modifications, and therefore, impact how our genes perform.
Influencing Factors include:
Lifestyle Patterns
Like sleep, daily stress, physical activity, and work  habits
What You Consume
Not limited to nutrition, this also covers supplements and medication, smoking, and alcohol consumption. 
Environmental Factors
Includes air pollution and second-hand smoke, but also includes psychological stressors.

Aging is a leading risk factor for multiple chronic diseases and disorders. 
Therefore, finding a way to slow the biological aging process is essential.
Assessing your epigenetics helps us do just that. 

Our epigenetic clock is the most accurate measurement of biological age and age-related disease risk. 

Epigenetic aging can be reversed

Therefore, it is crucial to understand DNA methylation changes. Looking at the changes over time, we can objectively measure the rate or reversal of aging. 
Because we are measuring your epigenetics, which assesses changes in the genome expression, we provide additional layers of information beyond the traditional saliva-based DNA test. 

This test won’t help with finding your ancestry, but it will help tell you what your body is actually doing with your DNA. and what that means for you in the long run. 
If your DNA is like a cookbook. with recipes for all the types of cells and proteins and genes in your body... 
Then an ancestry test would be like looking at the table of contents: checking what recipes the book contains. If your DNA has a lot of "Recipes" that match a normal Cuban cookbook, you likely have ancestors from Cuba. 
An epigenetics test would be like checking the sticky notes left in the margins of your cookbook, that change how you'd read the recipe. Add extra flour, don't bother with this recipe, etc. 
Except instead of baking cookies, those notes change how your cells and proteins are made, and whether a gene is turned on or off! 
Your DNA can be methylated at locations called CpGs. 
There are over 28 million of these locations in the human genome.
Most biological age calculations test only 2,000 and often only use 500 spots when they calculate your age.

TruAge tests almost 900,000 spots on the genome.  

That's 425 times more important data than any other test on the market!

TruAge doesn't end with Biological Age - it also dives into many other aspects of aging, to create a whole-body picture. The TruAge Complete Collection includes Telomere Length, Immune Age, current pace of aging, and even insights into risks for age-related diseases that your methylation can reveal. 

We will update you on these tests and our findings on a regular basis to make sure that your purchase of this test will continue to provide you useful health information for years to come!

Anil Bajnath, MD, MBA, MIfHI, is a seasoned Medical Doctor trained in Family and Integrative Medicine. His unwavering sense of ambition and innovation has earned him the reputation as a visionary leader in the medical space.
Throughout the span of a decade, he has cultivated extensive first-hand experience in Precision, Integrative, Functional and Genomic Medicine.
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